Jardins en automne
, 1 hour 56 minutes
Who would have thought that Minister Vincent would be on the street? The services provided by Vincent to the nation are very significant: in his youth he was a biologist and invented an inconspicuous but effective weapon of mass destruction: genetically modified insects - convulsing fleas and killer wasps. At thirty, he was already a member of the Academy of Sciences. To neutralize his talent as an inventor, he is appointed Minister of Agriculture. He turns into an old bore, he is already over sixty, and he will rest on his laurels. Naturally, he has enemies who patiently dig his grave. It all starts with well-designed actions: shouts, protests, furious speeches, restless mooing cows, sheep and ducks, dung scattered across boulevards, tractors ... The crowd always thinks that the next leader will be better than who they think they are know well. Perhaps they are right, because Theodorus, Vincent's rival, is full of enthusiasm, energy and ideas. This straightforward man sits in a garden under a tree, surrounded by minions: he is short, with a large belly and short limbs. He reads, re-reads, rules and signs appeals, declarations, proposals, programs ... Outside the garden fence, shouts of a rebellious and determined crowd are heard. She wants change, her noise is like Wagner’s music, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony! Vincent in his office. The windows are closed, but he hears the noise of the crowd. Her slogans are ruthless and categorical: this is the end. Vincent signs his resignation ... The film participated in the IFF festival in Mar del Plata in 2007.