Baryshnya i Khuligan. Series 2
, 44 minutes
Sisters Irina and Anastasia similar in appearance, but the characters are completely different. School teacher Ira-shy, while younger Nastya, a singer in a nightclub-complete its opposite. Once Nastya asked sister help out for a while replacing it at work. Fail-safe Ira agrees, but when it comes to the home of his sister, discovers the corpse of an unknown man bloodied. At this point her and catches Nasty ex-husband, Michael. The killed he learns of the owner of the club where sings his ex-wife. Just released from prison, where sitting on suspicion of murder, Michael realizes that new problems do not need him, and decides to hide the body in the trunk of a car. Neither Irina nor Michael and could not think of that fateful randomness machine with "surprise" stolen ...