Belka i Strelka: Ozornaya semeyka
, 9 hours 34 minutes
Bagel, Rex and their sister Dina are puppies of the world-famous Belka and Kazbek. The trinity of mischievous heroes dreams of one day getting on a real spaceship and embarking on an interesting journey, as their famous mother once did. Puppies, trying to turn their idea into reality, constantly fall into funny and funny stories. Ahead of the heroes will find many adventures and amazing situations. The cartoon "Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family" watch online In 2010, Russian animators released a very colorful and interesting project about the first dogs that conquered space. “Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family” is a cartoon that is an equally successful continuation of that story. Seven directors worked on this animated film at once, so each series turned out to be original and not like the others. And thanks to the professional dubbing of the cartoon “Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family”, the voices of the characters turned out to be natural and interesting. Despite the fact that the project does not have the largest budget, the animators and screenwriters did an excellent job. As a result, viewers can watch online high-quality and memorable cartoon. “Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family” is well suited for family viewing and, thanks to the bright characters and fun adventures, it will surely appeal not only to the smallest spectators, but also to adults. The picture saturated with colors, the original plot, vivid characters, excellent musical accompaniment and professional voice acting - these are what qualitatively distinguishes the animated film “Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family” against the background of other cartoons. In the tvzavr online cinema, you can follow the adventures of your favorite heroes in good quality. Of course, the cartoon “Squirrel and Arrow: Mischievous Family” is one of the most vivid and memorable domestic animation projects of recent years. This multi-series product for children has once again demonstrated that Russian cinema is on the rise. Watch on tvzavr high-quality foreign and domestic cartoons, films and series for the whole family.