Les Profs
, 1 hour 25 minutes
Lyceum named Jules Ferry - the worst in France. Performance indicators are so low that the school is on the verge of closing. The only chance to save the educational institution is not to fail the USE, which is what the high school students - rare idlers and gouges - are determined to do. To avoid shame, the director calls for reinforcements: an assault of extravagant teachers who are not much better than their students. Among them are brutal jocks Eric (a physical education teacher), a slutty fat lady with a chainsaw Gladys (an English teacher), a fanatical experimenter Albert (a chemistry teacher), sexy chocolate Amin (a French teacher), a harmless scumbag dressed as Napoleon Poloshone (a history teacher) and an unidentified teacher subject, a fan of smoking weed and talk about about this - do not care Kutiro. If the best solution is the worst teacher, how will they pass the exam?