Bi-Bi-Znayki. Series 22.
, 3 minutes
The BBC Znayki is not the set of cruelty and aggression that is present in children's content. Our series does not harm the children's psyche and is recommended for showing to children of the youngest ages. The first season of the series is devoted to the study of the Russian alphabet. Submission of training material in a playful dance form with repetitions for maximum memorization of the topic. Easy and catchy song will allow children to easily perceive information, as well as have fun while learning the letters of the alphabet. The animated series "BBC Know-it-alls" is a great opportunity to easily and easily involve a child in the learning process. Our series helps parents teach the child the alphabet, while the entire learning process takes place in song form. This learning process is as comfortable as possible for young children and works great for memorization, thanks to rhymes and repetitions.