Bobr dobr. Series 13.
, 6 minutes



Badger goes fishing. He calls friends with him, but they are all busy, and refused to join the company. A beaver is sawing wood, a frog is watering a garden, the Zaykins are going to drink tea in the yard. Badger has to fish alone. He sits with a fishing rod for a long time under the scorching sun, but the fish does not bite. Finally, Badger manages to catch, but not a fish, but a cap. The cap is invisible. Of course, with her help, Badger makes friends. First, he scares the Zaikin brothers, then the Frog and the Beaver. But the Beaver is not a timid dozen and reveals a bully. After which Badger wakes up, it turns out that he had dreamed of everything, all this time he lay on the beach unconscious due to a sunstroke.