Big Game
, 1 hour 27 minutes
On the plane, the president of the United States, whose ratings have been rapidly dropping recently, is attacked. He manages to eject from the liner in a special rescue capsule, and a group of terrorists who want to kill him set off after him. The president finds himself in a deserted, uninhabited area, and his only hope for salvation is the brave boy Oscari, who undergoes a ceremony of initiation into men in these places. In 2014, a little-known director Yalmari Helander presented to the public his most high-profile project - the film "The Big Game", in which he also acted as one of the screenwriters. This adventure thriller tells the story of a US president who escapes from terrorists with the help of his new acquaintance - a simple guy armed with a bow and arrow. The main roles in the film “The Big Game” were played by the Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson and the young aspiring actor Onni Tommila, the main antagonist of the picture was embodied on the screen by Ray Stevenson. "The Big Game" is a film that has become one of the most original and discussed paintings of recent times. It has everything you need for an excellent adventure action movie: an exciting plot, beautiful landscapes, a brilliant acting, dynamic scenes, well-set tricks and musical accompaniment that creates the mood necessary for the tape. Without a doubt, the film "The Big Game" is a worthy representative of the genre and will appeal to fans of easy, straightforward cinema. It is noteworthy that the action on the plot of the picture takes place in Lapland, but the director did not find suitable nature there, so the shooting had to be transferred to the Alps. As a result, bewitching landscapes became the main distinguishing feature of the tape.