Chuzhoy. Series 18.
, 46 minutes
The protagonist of the series, Michael Aristov, after divorce, decides to return to his homeland from Australia, where he worked as a ranger in the National Park. He absolutely cannot imagine realities of life in modern Russia. He was accustomed to a society of equal before the law, people in the police, which it protects equality, bringing criminals to justice, notwithstanding the personalities. As a result of a random street conflict on Aristov excite. The only one who can help him is head of criminal investigation Office of one of the districts of Colonel Merman, stepfather old school friend. As a response, a water services offers Aristov to work as his agent, becoming the driver compartment of the elite "escort". It should among the girls working in the salon, calculate the prostitute, associated with criminals who committed the RAID on the mansion of Tycoon Akulina. Aristov and does not represent the global changes in his life, what dramatic events lead him this request.