Den deneg
, 1 hour 48 minutes
Three peppers - Serpent, Parfen and Writer - find 33 tons of greenery. Around this, everything is taxied. These bucks were the local authority of the Bison. The bison, as he woke up from a hangover in an embrace with a bear, found a shortage, freaked out not childishly: "You will not find - all will be buried." And away we go, and spun! To friends from easy money, the tower was completely demolished: now they thump with happiness, then they beat each other in the face, then they cry, then they laugh, then they run around the city, looking for who needs the money. And after them, after the two morons, mafiosi, Bison's henchmen. Those to the right, these to the left, those to the courtyard, these to the street. And behind them are wives and prostitutes, rappers and homeless people, janitors and bulldozers, girls and old women, children and mothers, murderers and antique dealers, sick and very sick. Money flutters, bullets whistle, old women fly. Scream, oh, shooting, in general, cinema and Germans. Such a crazy day of money happened. And how did it end? As always: there was money, there will be money, but now there is no money.