9 otdel. Series 2.
, 46 minutes
... Every year in Russia, more than 100 thousand people go missing. Every fifth cannot be found. A few years ago, a specialized Operational Investigation Department (ORO) was created at the Moscow Main Department of Internal Affairs. The heroes of the upcoming TV series "Ninth Division" are specialists in the search for missing people, employees of the ninth department, which is part of the ORO. And although in their work there are few shootings, chases, power captures, investigations by the employees of the ninth department are no less dangerous and confusing. In addition to his professional duties, each of the heroes of the future series has his own, deeply personal motive to do this work. All the characters are different in character, in outlook on life and their professional experience. But they are united by the main thing - they all have a unique gift - to see hidden signs and evidence in ordinary things.