Deystvuy po obstanovke
, 1 hour 5 minutes
1945 year. A few days remain before the surrender of fascist Germany. Having completed a special task in the rear of the enemy, Major Gorelov’s group returned to the location of the Soviet troops. The group consists of two tanks and trucks, and in search of a fuel convoy enters a small German village. Here, Soviet soldiers meet an American who has escaped from a concentration camp, who says that the Germans are going to blow up a secret factory located near the town of Lauban, along with the workers. The factory employs about two thousand prisoners of war - the French, British and Americans. Despite the fact that the Germans knew about the group of Soviet soldiers in their rear and had already sent forces to liquidate it, Gorelov decides to act according to the circumstances - to send his convoy to Lauban to try to save the allies ... Watch the Soviet film “Act according to circumstances”. One of the main roles in it was played by Alexander Pankratov-Cherny.