Dva plyus dva. Series 3
, 45 minutes
This lyrical melodrama tells about the love of two mature people - teacher Alexandra and former pilot Eugene. Relative to their frustration in family life, disorder in everyday life, their willingness to always rush to help the weak and offended. Charming, but often touching, ridiculous, both raise their children alone: ​​Alexander - son Sasha, Eugene - daughter Zhenya. Having met at school, the heroes, by the will of circumstances, begin to see each other regularly. And gradually they realize that their meeting is the beginning of a great and strong feeling. For which they will have to fight. Against this love, it would seem, a lot: the age difference, Eugene’s obsession with her daughter, who is devoid of motherly affection, his conflict with his eldest son Vasily, the machinations of Alexandra’s ex-husband. But the namesakes of their parents - Sasha and Zhenya - will greatly contribute to the rapprochement of the heroes. The boy is delighted with Eugene - once a brave pilot, a real man in behavior: mean to words, decisive in actions. And Zhenya will sincerely become attached to Alexandra, who will surround the girl with care and affection. And the sudden appearance of Zoe, the mother of Zhenya, whom she considered dead, will shock the girl. And it will be the main obstacle for Eugene and Alexandra. Eugene will explain to his daughter why he lied to her for so many years about his mother. But he will not be able to explain his lie to Alexandra, saying only one thing: they have no future. But close heroes (friend-pilot Nikita, children) will not allow them to part. Eugene and Alexandra will still be together. And they jokingly call their “freshly formed” family - TWO PLUS TWO.