Dzhoker. Operatsiya «Kapkan». Series 6
, 44 minutes
Dynamic spectacular action movie of Russian production 'Joker. Operation 'Trap' - the expected continuation of the acclaimed action-packed series. Admirers of crime films will again be able to enjoy the game of their favorite actors and excellent creative directing of combat scenes and risky stunts. Arthur Korolev or the Joker is a key character in the action movie, a professional shooter and a relentless fighter with the underworld. An unpredictable fate throws him another test - the betrayal of a friend, because of which Arthur flies into a hard cover. All his plans collapse with a jail, so that he could not complete the ongoing business. But non-winning circumstances do not stop the protagonist, who has a steel character, an exorbitant will to live and the same colossal desire to get even with those involved in his current problems.