Edinstvennyy moy grekh. Series 1
, 50 minutes
Petr Nikitich Chernyaev is powerful and contradictory. Under him is a major fishing industry. In life and at work Chernyaev absolute dictator. Maybe that's why two marriage Chernyaeva were unsuccessful. Divorced wives, but sons, Andrew and Sasha-reared. Andrew decided to become an artist, and Sasha is to help his father in the business. A measured life of the three men is changing with the advent of in their home sweetheart Chernyaeva-senior-Marina. The girl survived many tribulations, businessman marries unexpectedly for himself. Marina same goes for it not for love, but rather from hopelessness. And not even hides this from his stand-in husband. Having met at first young stepmother in bayonets, youngest son Chernyaeva Sasha suddenly realizes that in love with Marina.