Ekipazh mashiny boevoi
, 1 hour 3 minutes
The summer of 1943. In one of the tank battles, the T-34, commanded by Sasha Menshov, was shot down. Having undergone treatment in the hospital, Sasha returns to the front again ... A major tank battle near Prokhorovka is being prepared. An order arrives not to respond to individual attacks by German tanks. But the attacks of one German "Tiger" are particularly audacious, almost every raid ends with the arson of one of the Soviet tanks. In this "Tiger" Sasha recognizes the very machine that a little earlier knocked out his T-34. Sasha decides to deal with the enemy tank in order to disable it before the upcoming battle. An unprecedented duel of its kind begins, a duel between Soviet and German tanks ... Watch the domestic film "The crew of a combat vehicle", which is based on real events, in which the Hero of the Soviet Union A.I. Milyukov.