Yolki 3
, 1 hour 37 minutes
Two years later, they are with us again: the beloved heroes of the 'Elok' in the most incredible New Year's stories. Borya and Zhenya, whose one-year-old children will bring their friends to a nuthouse on the eve of the holiday. Little girl Nastya, whose parents will separate her dogs in love with each other. Skier and snowboarder in the most extreme race of their life - from the military commissar. And a professor from Yekaterinburg, Andrei, whose loving nature will not bring him to good again, but only to an ice hole of minus 30. Under the battle of the chimes of these and new heroes, the Elok will unite the boomerang of good. Finishing his circle, he will deservedly return to everyone who once launched him - to whom with the smiles and hugs of loved ones and friends, to whom - with a festive mood and state appropriate to the degree, and for someone ... with a phone in the jelly!