Eshche ne vecher. Series 3.
, 45 minutes
Igor Savenkov, whose subordinates behind the eyes respectfully called "Captain", heads his own detective Agency called "Owl". More precisely, not even the Agency, and a small office, which employs only four people – himself, two of his assistant Oleg Krylov and Nikolai Marfin, as well as the Secretary's Cooking. The office of this company is located in a rather unexpected place: it is located in several rooms of an old country house in one of the suburbs of St. Petersburg. To get to the Agency and its employees, thus, is not easy, but, nevertheless, customers often make significant efforts to find Savenkova and his assistants, because of the detective Bureau "Owl" fame goes around the city. Still, because Savenkov at one time was one of the most successful operatives involved in the most complex cases, and after retirement, he did not lose his skills, moreover, former colleagues often turn to him for help and advice. The same thing happened that cold spring, when the new neighbor Savenkova taciturn and rude Goryunova found killed in his own apartment in St. Petersburg, and if not for the determination and curiosity of the Secretary of the Agency Varya, the police would not have been able to establish the motive of the mysterious crime, despite the fact that the alleged killer managed to be caught red-handed right at the crime scene.