Esli lyubish – prosti. Series 2
, 54 minutes
Judge Julia Gulyaeva and her husband, chef Edik, celebrate the tenth anniversary of the wedding. But the trouble is that, having glanced into the kitchen in the midst of the celebration, Julia finds Edika with the waitress Anya at the very moment when they find out far from industrial relations. Edik begs Julia for forgiveness: he has nothing serious with Anya. But Julia is an uncompromising judge, not only at work, but also in life. All hopes for Dasha - the younger sister of Julia, who volunteered to help Edik and return him to the family. Dasha’s enthusiasm seems to be able to turn mountains, but even Julia’s cold intransigence destroys her most cunning peacemaking ventures. Life forces Julia to change her rigid principles only after a mysterious stranger appears in her fate.