Gosudarstvennaya zashchita 2. Series 6.
, 45 minutes
The series "State Protection - 2" continues to talk about the difficult everyday life of the department, which is engaged in the protection of witnesses, whose life and health are attempted in connection with the investigation of certain criminal cases. The department is still headed by Nikolai Medvedev, whom the criminals nicknamed Toptygin for perseverance and real bear grip. Medvedev's team consists of three proven operas: Kondaurov, Klenov and Malich. The new witness to be covered by Medvedev’s team is a hit man, nicknamed Katan. Having transferred a valuable witness into Medvedev’s hands, the investigators began to wait for evidence from him, but Katana agreed to cooperate with the investigation on one condition: the investigators should ensure the safety of two women close to him at once - his wife Irina and his mistress Dita. However, investigators still do not know that one of those on whom Katana agreed to testify has already "ordered" these women, and the killers already know the place where they are hiding. Now the danger threatens not only the beloved of the assassin, but also the Toptygin team, because their own life is at stake.