Inkvizitor. Series 11
, 49 minutes
Russian tv series "Inquisitor" is a mysterious detective thriller with confusing and stressful. See all episodes in high quality on tvzavr. The series "Inquisitor": watch online all episodes Yurij Moroz removed the Russian series that has everything: a series of mysterious murders, mysterious hints, gloomy atmosphere and of course a great main character. It was played by actress Viktoriya Isakova, familiar to the audience for the films "the point" and "island", as well as on the series "thaw", "the Brothers Karamazov" and others. In the center of the plot of the series "Inquisitor", a small quiet town located on the western border of Russia. It would seem that here nothing ever happens, but it is these peaceful landscapes become the backdrop for terrible drama-someone for their ruthlessness and sophistication called overzealous Inquisitor, one behind the other sends to the light not the last people of the city. Killer understands perfectly well that reveal crimes will not be easy-he even leaves mocking hints, napisanny ...