Ника, 2007

Кинотавр, 2006

Playing the Victim
, 1 hour 40 minutes
A young man, Valya, having graduated from university, gets a job in the police for the sake of earning money, where he portrays victims of crimes during investigative experiments. An investigation team consisting of a charismatic captain, armed with a video camera of Ensign Luda and a dull sergeant, daily takes the defendants to crime scenes, where it is supposed to restore the picture of the tragedy. Of course, all these "investigations" are carried out for show (the outcome of the case is predetermined, the offender will be convicted), which creates a background of slight absurdity. The criminals themselves bring additional insanity to the incident: the pet-parasite Karas shows how he wanted to slaughter and dismember his beloved in a street dry closet, an intelligent neurasthenic threw his own wife out of the window, a failed Romeo of Caucasian nationality drowned his beloved girl in the pool, another small business he was shot dead by a classmate in a Japanese restaurant for no reason - he “pulled” from a pistol, as he put it.