Kak by ne tak. Series 1
, 50 minutes
A quiet provincial town, where cops and bandits coexist peacefully, is shocked by the unexpected incident. On the highway, an unknown Mercedes was shot by an unknown gangster named Old Man. The old man carried with him a whole suitcase of money. Money has disappeared. Everyone suspects everyone, but the main suspicion falls on a woman doctor named Marina, who nobly picked up the wounded Old Man on the road. Marina - an ordinary young woman with an unsettled fate, a doctor at a regional hospital, finds herself in the center of a criminal showdown, more reminiscent of a “comedy of mistakes”: the inverted logic of the gangster world constantly pushes participants to take false steps. And in a situation confused to the point of absurdity, those who look at the world with “normal” eyes win: Marina and the old man’s bodyguard, nicknamed Kolya-Los, who has stood on her side. It is they who get the money, love and freedom in the final.