Kholostyak. Series 4
, 47 minutes
The film takes place in Odessa, where the murder of a crime boss named Shaly. The group, which included Shaly, is engaged in drug trafficking in Turkey. Bury is the head of the entire Odessa drug mafia - an invulnerable bandit, whom even Interpol dreams of catching. The murder of Shaly means that a strange hunt has begun for the whole group of Bury. However, whoever directs the shooting of his people, Brown does not understand and does not find anything better than to hide. To pull Bury from the hole, the Ukrainian police decided on a joint operation with Russia and Interpol. It was decided to introduce an experienced and courageous Moscow operative named Zverev into the gang of Bury. The purpose of implementation: to take Brown in the act. Zverev is a convinced bachelor. Nothing seems to change his outlook on life. The comic of the situation is that, for the reliability of the legend, Zverev must come to Odessa with his wife and son. The charming Masha Yakovleva, an employee of the archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the widow of a police captain, was chosen to be the wife. Her son Pavlik should play the son of Zverev. Everyone understands that the plan is risky, but in this situation the only possible one. In Odessa, everything went head over heels right away: it did not work to catch Brown at once. Zverev, Masha and Pavlik are forced to stay in the city longer than planned in order to complete the operation. During their stay in Odessa, a series of adventures take place with the heroes, sometimes funny, and sometimes very dangerous. Zverev is under double observation: from the side of the killers waging war against Bury, and the local police, whose two representatives are not specifically dedicated to all the details of the operation. As events unfold, the protagonist is forced to not only fulfill his direct mission to capture the criminal, but also to defend his new family, which is in danger. As a result of the operation, criminals will receive a well-deserved punishment, but most importantly, the heroes reconsider their views on life and find happiness.