Kleymo. Series 11
, 45 minutes
The district hospital, located in a small provincial town, receives an emergency patient with a severe craniocerebral trauma. The head of the hospital and the only qualified doctor in the city of Yakov Shvedov is forced to return to the workplace after a daily duty and urgently perform an operation on an elderly lady whose life is in the balance. To everyone's surprise, an unknown visitor, a victim of a drug addict who attacked her right near the station building, is very quickly on the mend, although she can not report any information about herself, but according to some omissions accidentally dropped by a patient coming to herself after the operation, a vigilant nurse Katya understands that the patient does not tell the whole truth about herself. Meanwhile, in the city the real panic begins. Improvised local crime boss named Elephant persistently looking for a guest, whose arrival is looking forward to their patron. Very quickly bandits find out that the elderly woman appeared in hospital where it after attack of the local marginal was taken by the compassionate taxi driver. Things that were in the hands of the attacker, were quickly discovered, but their mistress disappeared without a trace directly from the hospital room. The loss of women is not a joke alarmed the Elephant, and attracted the close attention of the police in the person of captain Grinchenka.