Bone Tomahawk
, 2 hours 7 minutes
A tough but spectacular variation on the theme “Once upon a time in the wild, wild West ...”. The plot focuses on shooting, desert, barbarian tribe of Indians and gray-haired Kurt Russell. Due to the abundance of cruel scenes, viewers and critics can not agree on a picture. But, if the film “Bone Tomahawk” does not become a cult one, it will certainly be remembered for its unusualness: both the script, the shooting, and even the soundtrack are distinguished by a special “highlight” here. The film “Bone Tomahawk”: watch online If you think that the Western genre has remained somewhere in the last century, along with the young years of Clint Eastwood, you just need to watch “Bone Tomahawk” - a film that, on the one hand, revives some traditions a movie about the Wild West, and on the other hand, is a completely original picture with black humor and elements of a horror film. The Bone Tomahawk is a film directed by S. Craig Zahler, featuring actors such as Zann McClarnon and Patrick Wilson, who have already worked together on the same set. For example, they recently finished shooting in the second season of the cult series Fargo. But Kurt Russell looks especially good on the poster - the same actor who starred in the films Overboard, Something, The Dreamer and others. Despite his advanced age (Kurt is already over 60) in the new western horror movie, the actor looks very decent. “Bone Tomahawk”: the film-sensation The Spirit of the Wild West, strange murders, dashing cowboys, dangerous Indians, desert prairies, treacherous bandits - all this is the film “Bone Tomahawk”; Watch online at tvzavr Internet Cinema.