Lyubov v bolshom gorode
, 1 hour 24 minutes
The film takes place in one of the most romantic cities in the world - New York. Three friends Artem, Igor and Ole, a real 'Russian' Finn, work in a foreign land, and in their free time they come off as adults: they go to a sauna, strip bars, they play short and non-binding novels. Sex for them has long turned into a short-distance race, seduced women into trophies, and triumphal victories are the main topic of discussion during each bachelor party ... But once the case intervenes in their settled, careless, sloppy life ... At the next party in one of the clubs, a strange-looking man raises his glass and makes a toast. It will take a very little time, and all three will find an unpleasant change - they can no longer have sex. How to return male power? Ginseng root? Viagra? Thai massage? Consultation of a sexologist? Nothing saves. For what? Why? And why so early? And why exactly us? With these questions, our heroes desperate to run around the experts ... In the end, they find the same person from the party, and find out that he, using his mystical abilities, 'encoded' them from messy connections. Only one remedy will save them. Love. And there will be sex. But only with a beloved woman. The only thing left is to find it ... The film was nominated at the Georges Film Festival in 2010.