Ment v zakone 4. Series 12.
, 46 minutes
In the Bitovsk police department, usually everything is calm, because Lieutenant Colonel Krucha always keeps his hand on the pulse of the city. This is his city. In it, he was born and raised. Here he knows everyone, here is Stepan Stepanovich Krucha on his land. But no, no, yes, and something out of the ordinary will happen. And again, Stepan Krucha and his operational team - Platon Shvedov, Maxim Botnev and Sasha Grigoryev enter into a confrontation with criminals. Again on the territory of Bitov a corpse was discovered. They killed a man. Well, if they had eaten this never happened, but there is evil in the world. Sometimes evil breaks out. Krucha investigates the chain of killings and goes on the trail of an underground casino, confronts a gang of arms dealers, stops the bloody feud of construction companies and wins the battle with real enemies.