Ment v zakone 5. Series 16.
, 46 minutes
The area is shaken by high-profile crimes. Gang Terentia cleared all local ATMs. Krucha is trying to find the common fund obtained by the bandits, whose exact location is known only to the Kosar addict. He, in turn, found shelter with the crime boss Safron. The mower makes a deal with him. On the instructions of Safron, Kosar must "remove" someone. Among the intended victims are people who can testify to a criminal authority in the framework of the investigation conducted by Kruchei, businessmen and the local deputy, whose place Safron himself aimed at. So, the war of Kruchi against Zafron continues. During the "military" actions of Stepan, many dramatic events await. Therefore, in the new season, the fair “sheriff in the district” Kruchi has every reason to become tougher. However, good things will happen. The lone wolf Kruchi finally has a beloved Olga.