Ment v zakone 6. Series 4.
, 46 minutes
In the sixth season, a high-profile economic crime takes place in Bitovo: visiting businessmen were “thrown” for 100 million rubles. The impudent swindler is sought after by Kruchi’s operatives, Safron’s bandits and the “businessmen” themselves, who are members of an organized criminal group. Also this season, Safron is running for deputy under the slogan: "I will free the Bitovo region from crime and from police inaction." The fight of Kruchi against crime escalates: large-scale robberies and cynical murders, the fight against slave traders and apartment swindlers, the arrest of a gang of teenagers from wealthy families who play cards of human life. All this and much more brilliantly investigated by Stepan Krucha and his operatives in the new season of the action-packed television series.