, 3 hours 23 minutes
These different people are united only by one thing. They all found themselves in a dead end in life. Blake, a Vietnam veteran, never found himself in a peaceful life. Italian immigrant Dzhippo, not having a license to work. Frank, who spent most of his adult life in prison. Boxer loser Kidson, who was forced to specifically lose in contractual battles. Lost after the death of his father's livelihood beauty Ginny. They all want to change their lives. Together, they kidnap an armored car carrying a huge amount of money. This money will be enough for everyone, now they can become free and happy. The whole world is now in their pocket. Or is it just a mirage? Can people rejected by society turn their lives around? This Soviet movie, shot at a Riga film studio based on the novel by James Chase, made an indelible impression on the audience at one time. Bright characters, dynamic plot, a strong literary basis, an unforgettable ending - the film "Mirage" and today remains one of the best screen versions created from the books of modern Western authors.