Moskva. Tri vokzala 2. Series 19.
, 46 minutes
Many years ago, young guys Valery Drobot and Mikhail Golovin arrived in the capital of Russia, studied at the higher police school and found work in one of the dangerous places in the city. The heroes of the film are working in the department for solving crimes at the railway station. The site, which is controlled by men, is considered the most crowded and dangerous. The station square, and the matter is complicated by the fact that the site covers three stations at once, is filled with gypsies, pickpockets, fraudsters. Anything can happen here. Each of these contingents has its own site, where pickpockets “work”, gypsies cannot offer their services, and there are no places for tramps where the same gypsies “work”. And nobody dares to break the unspoken rule. Kara is very cruel.