Narkomovskiy oboz. Series 2
, 50 minutes
1941 year. A decree of the Defense Committee on vodka content for the army has just been issued. Petty Officer Filippov receives the task: to deliver for the first time to the rifle division the very famous "100 People’s Grams". As assistants, they give him 4 female soldiers, a local old guide, Arkhip and his teenage grandson Mitya. Having loaded a container on carts, the convoy starts off. For several hours of this seemingly routine rear trip, they all have to go through real military trials: more than once to engage in battle, to witness high valor and vile cowardice, to learn love and jealousy. The cheerful coquetry of the girls with their foreman ends already at the first serious bombing. None of the riders yet knows that German riders who have broken through are waiting for them.