Net problem
, 24 minutes
The filmmakers ask the young people, unlike each other, the same question: 'What do you care most about right now?' Listening to a variety of answers, viewers understand that the problem is the problem of discord. For someone they are really serious, for someone they are not very serious, and someone even thinks up problems for themselves ... But those who have problems have different views on them. Someone constantly thinks about them, suffers, shares their experiences with others. Someone solves their problems silently, without complaining and without requiring help. And someone prefers not to notice the problem at all ... But despite such a “problematic” theme, the film as a whole carries a large positive charge. After all, small problems make our life more interesting, and solving them, a person gains the necessary experience, which will help, if necessary, to cope with more serious troubles ... Watch the documentary 'No Problems', which took part in the Russian program of the 34th International Moscow film festival.