Obyavlen v rozysk. Series 4
, 46 minutes
A terrible accident occurs outside the city, a car for transporting prisoners and a passenger car with three armed people collide. The operatives who arrived at the scene discover that all but the former businessman Vadim Rogov were killed. Accused of the murder of his wife, and transported to the remand prison, the man simply disappeared. An experienced FBI investigator, Denis Evstigneev, and his team set off in search of the fugitive. Peter, an employee of the drug control department, joins him, with information that Rogov’s wife, a journalist, had obtained important information about drug trafficking in the country before her death. Plus, he has suspicions that they want to kill Rogov, and the accident was probably an attempt. At the same time, the conclusion of forensic expert Albina, the former wife of Denis, suggests that the cause of the accident was the murder of a truck driver, which means that someone can help Rogov escape. The turmoil begins in the city. As a matter of urgency, a mysterious customer gives an order to assemble a new group of killers, and send it in the wake of law enforcement agencies that Rogov is already looking for.