Ogni bolshoy derevni
, 1 hour 21 minute
In the small Russian town, there was practically no entertainment left, and the only cultural institution is the small one-screen cinema Rodina, which shows old films. Only soon, and this entertainment will be closed. Then two friends, being big movie buffs, decide to do everything possible to maintain a cultural place. For this, they even take up the shooting of their own film. The film "Lights of a Big Village" watch online One of the most deadly domestic comedies of recent times, without a doubt, is the film "Lights of a Big Village", which tells a ridiculous and at the same time funny story. The director of the picture was the young talent Ilya Uchitel, who got his hand in a short meter. His debut in a big movie turned out to be really vivid and memorable, and this, most likely, is not the last successful work in his career. Among the performers of the main roles of the film “The Lights of the Big Village”, one can single out Maxim Emelyanov and Kirill Frolov, as well as Dmitry Dyuzhev, who played himself. The entire cast did an excellent job, making their characters interesting and funny. “The Lights of the Big Village” is a film that will delight viewers with many great jokes, caricature characters, and absurd situations. The tape cannot boast of a huge budget or a large number of high-profile names in the cast, but it has the main thing - a great idea, high-quality humor and good directing. The creators of the film “Lights of a Big Village” very subtly ridiculed foreign blockbusters and domestic cinema. In general, this picture turned out to be easy, unpretentious, and most importantly, a funny comedy, which is ideal in order to get a charge of positive emotions. In the tvzavr online cinema, which contains a lot of the most interesting Russian and foreign films, you can watch the killer comedy “Lights of a Big Village” absolutely legally at any time.