, 1 hour 20 minutes
The story of the little girl Oydina from the distant mountain village of Dunah somewhere in the south of Uzbekistan is quite simple. Every day, early in the morning, Oydina goes to the village school, loudly declaring to everyone that today she will definitely study. Unfortunately, Oydina has not yet reached school age. And each time the teacher sends the persistent baby out of the class, patiently explaining to the child that she should come next year, when she is a little older, and then she will definitely be accepted to school. Oydina, smart for years, shows an extraordinary talent in everything: she sews dolls, plays the violin, dances, sings. But the most amazing thing is that in the night skies over the village of Duna all the time there are inexplicable fantastic visions. And only the grandfather of Ehson-buva knows that these are the dreams of his beloved granddaughter reflected in the starry skies. Throughout the film, Oydina meets with a variety of people, gets into the most unusual situations. She wants to learn not only literacy, Oydina learns the world in all its manifestations. The amazing and wonderful world surrounding the girl nurtures her as a small person.