Oranzhevoe gorlyshko
, 20 minutes
With the arrival of spring and heat, partridges begin to twist nests and start families. Zabiyaka Podkovkin and his wife The Orange Neck is no exception. After a quarrel with their neighbors, they found a secluded place and made friends with a lark. They gave birth to twelve wonderful chicks, but soon trouble came, and an evil kite attacked the Brovkin family. Many chicks remained orphans, and then Podkivkiny decided to raise them themselves. One of the most famous and moving cartoons of the Soviet era, of course, can be considered the "Orange Neck". Simply incomparable animation, intriguing and very dramatic plot, as well as excellent musical accompaniment will not leave anyone indifferent. The cartoon “Orange Neck” is based on the famous eponymous work by V. Bianchi. Thanks to unpredictable plot twists and escalating music, watching this creation of Soviet cinema will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. The most famous Soviet animators worked on the Orange Neck, and several very famous actors gave voices to the characters of the cartoon, among which we can single out the unique Georgy Vitsin, who was simply perfectly voiced by Podkovkin. Despite the venerable age of this children's painting, it is still popular among all ages, because the meaning inherent in it is relevant to this day. You can watch the “Orange Neck” cartoon online and find out that this is a really high-quality product of the domestic film industry, which for many years has occupied an honorable place in the hearts of millions of fans. This creation, even after so many years, remains relevant and looks fresh. The tvzavr online cinema enables all viewers to watch the Orange Neck cartoon and enjoy one of the highest-quality products of the Soviet film industry.