Olympus Has Fallen
, 1 hour 59 minutes
Well-armed and trained terrorists attack the White House and capture several leaders of the country, including the US president. Nobody can get to the building, and the situation is complicated by the fact that the criminals pursue terrible goals. The only chance to save the country is former Presidential Security Officer Mike Banning, who left the service a year and a half ago due to the death of the first lady. The Fall of Olympus is a film about a brave hero. Since the time of the famous Die Hard, many action films have been shot in which one hero saves the whole world. Of all such projects, the film The Fall of Olympus is one of the best. This was facilitated by one of the most promising directors of our time Antoine Fouqua, as well as a star cast, in which you can highlight Gerard Butler, who played the main role, as well as Aaron Eckhart and Oscar winner Morgan Freeman. But, if you watch the movie “Olympus Fall” online, you can find out that this picture deserved success not only thanks to the big names, but also due to the well-thought out plot and superbly set battle scenes. The big budget allowed the film crew to fully realize the idea, and the output is a picture with unsurpassed special effects. Good musical accompaniment and unpredictable plot twists - this is what makes the film “Olympus Fall” even more attractive for all categories of viewers. This tape is sure to appeal to everyone, even the most demanding fans of the tvzavr Online Cinema genre. It offers its viewers a good opportunity to watch the movie “Olympus Fall” in high quality and find out why it has received a huge amount of positive feedback from critics and ordinary viewers. And thanks to the large world gatherings, the creators of the picture even decided to remove the continuation of history, and this time the main character has to fight terrorists in London. Watch “Fall of Olympus” on tvzavr and enjoy a decent Hollywood movie.