Parizh – istoriya i sovremennost
, 1 hour 14 minutes
Paris is the most visited city in the world. 75 million tourists a year - more than in Rome, Athens or London. The reason for its popularity is not only the richness of monuments and museums. Paris is the city of lovers, a holiday that is always with you. People come here for impressions and sentiments. This film is not only and not so much a guide to Paris. This is an attempt to convey the indescribable - a sense of peace, the ease of being and freedom, which is evident in every manifestation of the city, in every smile and gesture of its inhabitants. It is these feelings, and not a description of architecture, museums, palaces and parks, that I most want to share with others when I return from Paris. Although you know that you can truly feel the spirit of the city only when you are in it.