The Crossing
, 2 hours 3 minutes
Beautiful love, sincere feelings, battle scenes and an incredible plot, largely based on real events - all this awaits the audience of the film “Crossing”. Since the story of the heroes of the film is a long, confusing and interesting, the film was divided into two parts, both of which you can watch in the tvzavr online cinema. The film “Crossing”: watch online Japan, China, South Korea and the USA took part in the creation of this film, and each country contributed something of its own to the film, making this movie a magnificent, international product. So, from the East, the “Crossroads” got an interesting camera work, a thoughtful, gradual disclosure of the characters' characters and a special philosophy of love of life, shown through the prism of civil war. And the West gave the film a lot of action and incredible battle scenes. It is also worth noting a very vivid cast: the actor Takeshi Kanesiro played a wonderful role, Zhang Ziyi also distinguished herself, who was familiar to the audience from the Memoirs of a Geisha. In the first part, the film “Ferry” begins the story of the war and the relationship of three couples who are trying to live and love in “the most difficult time” (as stated in the slogan of the film). According to the idea of ​​director John Wu, the film was supposed to be epic - something like the acclaimed Titanic or The Beginning. I must say that the crew managed to bring this idea to life: in the first part of the film, viewers will be able to appreciate special effects, excellent camera work and a soundtrack that takes its soul. On tvzavr you can comfortably watch the movie “Crossing” online in excellent quality and with good sound.