Perevozchik. Series 12.
, 45 minutes
The dramatic story will revolve around Oleg Granovsky - a positive guy in every sense - a reliable friend, a loving husband, a caring father. Oleg Granovsky and his two childhood friends work as collectors. They carry a huge amount for the salary of the local city-forming plant ... This is the last thing Oleg remembers. He regains consciousness from a terrible headache, he has a serious head injury, he is in a hospital bed, and the police are around. What happened How did he end up here? Where are his comrades Sysoev and Chesnokov? The head of UGRO has answers to these questions - citizen Granovsky is accused of killing his colleagues and stealing money. He is under arrest. And to ease his guilt, he had better admit here and now where he hid the stolen millions ... Oleg cannot believe in the reality of what is happening, it's all a bad dream! They are friendly with Sysoev and Chesnovkov since the orphanage, these are his brothers in misfortune. They grew up together, served in the army, their children go to the same school. He could not kill them, he could not betray them, he did not steal money. But the examination of the weapon, the motive of the crime, and even the testimony of the wife indicate the opposite. However, the owners of the money do not care about motives. If Granovsky does not return the money, they will kill his family. Brought to the edge, Granovsky escapes from prison to investigate his own crime. The further he reconstructs the picture of events, the more terrible he comes to conclusions: all this is a monstrous deception, organized by the closest person.