Pogonya za proshlym. Series 3
, 43 minutes
Once a victim of a crime, the young physician Varvara Zhuravleva decides to drastically change her life and enters the service of the police. At her new job, she quickly achieves impressive success thanks to her analytical mindset and strong character. While investigating the murder of a young girl, Zhuravleva is convinced that this crime is only part of a whole criminal chain, which involves a variety of, including power structures. All possible witnesses to the crime are sent to the next world before Zhuravleva manages to get evidence from them. Someone really does not like the zeal of captain Zhuravleva, threats to her and her relatives begin. During the investigation, Zhuravleva intersects with a person who once became the cause of her suffering and humiliation. Courageously meeting the old threat face to face, Zhuravleva finds out the name of this person and begins to follow his trail relentlessly.