Potseluy Chanity
, 1 hour 17 minutes
Four friends end up in the small town of San Lorento, where one of them, the beautiful singer Chanita, was born. In the square, her singing is heard by the owner of the bar, the rogue and rich Cesare, aspiring to become mayor. Cesare offers Chanita the golden mountains for love, his mistress, a little girl from Angela’s bar, hits the dishes, and for this they push Anita, who is a student of Ramon, one of the four, who immediately falls in love with. Cesare calls detective detective Cavalcados, a ridiculous fool with a false jaw - students are hidden in prison. Cesare is looking forward to the wedding with Chanita, only on these conditions he agrees to make friends, but at the most critical moment, instead of Chanita, Angela appears under the veil, who, to everyone’s pleasure, tears all contracts with Chanita into small pieces, claiming the rights of the wife and owner of the bar, in which only she will sing. Students are free, lies are confounded, operetta is operetta - everything ends beautifully.