Predatel. Series 3
, 46 minutes
Once the operas of the anti-drug Office Igor Rebrov came to work with good intentions, but the surrounding life and conditions strongly influenced on him. When around all make money, it's hard to stay black. And Igor becomes "as all": Delores merchants decide issues for merchants, organizes the transfer of bribes and helped the Raiders. Once Igor is asking help in relieving a criminal authority. To address the issue he agrees on its inclusion in the investigation Brigade. The Chief Investigator in the case turns out to be very principled young girl Olga Barents. We cannot agree with it. She's not afraid of anything. Igor has to act cautiously and softly, vtirajas to her in confidence. At some point, Igor will understand that this girl for him means a lot-and not just at work. Fate will put it before the election. What choice do Igor?