Profil ubiytsy 2. Series 17.
, 46 minutes
In the second season of the series “Killer's profile,” the audience will again meet with profilers they already know — employees of a special department that deals with the disclosure of serial murders and rape throughout Russia. Colonels Udaltsov, Petrov, Lt. Col. Kruglov and Captain Subbotina are guys with iron nerves and a sharp mind. They analyze the behavior of maniacs, entering their image, penetrating into their consciousness. In the new season, the profiler department has thinned considerably - Colonel Petrov has been sent to retirement. But there is so much work that Petrov constantly helps his colleagues as an expert and scientific consultant. A maniac proclaiming himself a Missionary falls into the development of the group, he destroys all the people who have gone astray and have gone astray - vagrants, prostitutes. This contingent will not run to complain to the police that someone is chasing them. Nobody cares about them ... Profilers will be able to solve the crime of twenty years ago, and even save their leader, General Gubanov, from the inevitable trial. But the heroes of the series are not only experienced detectives with a sophisticated mind. They are people like everyone else, and sometimes they also lack simple human joys and positive emotions. It is possible that they need them even more than ordinary people. Udaltsov will meet his first love, and a fire of love will break out with renewed vigor. Kruglov and Subbotina repeatedly try to set a wedding day, but each time another business tears them away from a happy day. This is becoming a serious problem for the couple. But, unfortunately, there are no prospects for facilitating work. Things are getting more confusing and worse. Each new business is a new terrible tragedy, and the faster profilers create a “Killer`s profile”, the more lives they will be able to save.