Robiki. Series 9
, 12 minutes
Stories about the amazing adventures of Svetlik and his friends in Robosity, where unusual creatures live - robots. The main character Svetlik dreams of a flight chip, but, not waiting for his Build Day, he finds a mysterious chip. This event completely changes the life of not only Svetlik, but also his friends ... Also, the mysterious girl Sigma penetrates the city and tells Svetlik about the chip, about the dome over the city and that the Governor is deceiving them. Omicron, the brother of the Governor, who also wants to open the dome over the city and free the robots, is released from captivity. It turns out that the mysterious girl Sigma is the daughter of Omicron, and the story becomes even more confused. Robocity no longer seems such a prosperous city, because the Governor has not only power, but also a machine for reloading memory. Thanks to her, the ruler controls the robots. Svetlik and his friends need to save the city from the evil ruler, turn off the car to reboot and open the dome over Robosity ... Will he be able to cope with the threat hanging over the city? Do not hesitate, he will overcome all difficulties, because next to him are his loyal friends!