, 1 hour 37 minutes
Provincial city. Two men - a large businessman Alexander (Evgeny Grishkovets) and his assistant Dmitry (Denis Burgazliev) - after a busy day go to a restaurant. But, to Dmitry’s surprise, neither business partners nor friends are waiting for them - there are no visitors at all in the room. When the door is locked from the inside, the two heroes have a whole night to clear up the relationship. The chamber male melodrama of director-debutant Anna Matison touches all of us familiar and close topics: money, friendship, children, loneliness, the difference of generations. As the action unfolds, the characters of the heroes unfold. 'Satisfaction' - the first big film role in the versatile career of Grishkovets, he also co-authored with the director Anna Matison wrote the script of the film. From him there are also transcendent sentimentality and sincerity - all for which Eugene is so loved by readers and viewers. Satisfaction is a film about what men are talking about.