Sherif. Series 6.
, 44 minutes
Moscow operas Vasily Sharonov is a tough and uncompromising person. For these qualities, as well as for his cold look and stern facial expression, his colleagues nicknamed him Sheriff for a long time. Due to the heavy nature of the Sheriff, his wife once kicked her out, and now the teenage son is escaping. Due to his character, neither his subordinates nor his superiors love him. But it is the character that helps the Sheriff get to the bottom of the most complicated case. To tell the truth in person is the norm for him, even if this truth is bitter. Among his few fans are immediate boss Olga Orlova, senior lieutenant Zaur Khetagurov and junior lieutenant Yuri Klimchik. So different and different from each other, together they are a real team. The heroes have to find out whose ear was thrown in the land to a large businessman; track down an apartment thief who turned out to be an accidental witness to a brutal reprisal; prove the innocence of a loser boxer who confessed to the murder. But in the cycle of investigations, chases and interrogations there is always a place for human feelings and emotions, because even the impenetrable Sheriff is not without them.