Shou barabanshchikov Mapex Day
, 1 hour 6 minutes
On October 2, 2005, the Musical Arsenal company held the first and largest in St. Petersburg drum show 'MAREX-Day' with the participation of drummers, official artists (endorsers) of the MAREX brand: Mikhail Kraev (gr. Zveri), Sergey Navetny ( ex-SPLIN, NAVA project, Oedipus Complex) and Peter Ivshin (Trans-Atlantic, SPB Funk Alliance, Julia Savicheva). Also participating in the concert were the groups Markheider Kunst and Tekiladzhazz. More than 4 hours of a powerful drum show, performances by popular groups, a sea of ​​improvisation, questions to artists and their witty answers - this is what a MAREX-DAY concert is. In this film you will see the best fragments of the concert.