Sindrom Drakona. Series 11
, 57 minutes
The film is based on real facts related to the discovery of the year 1993 in the small Ukrainian city of Kirovohrad a vast collection of Antiquities worth nearly a billion dollars belonging to ordinary electrician Alexander Illyina, as well as materials investigations, hypotheses and conjectures that have emerged about this for fifteen years. 2008 year. Odessa. Customs officers on an anonymous call human baggage delay which detect rare book-no known instance of "Marine Charter" of Peter the great. FBI launches an investigation, which is accompanied by a number of mysterious and unexplained deaths. the year 1953. A group of senior officers of the army, party and security services solves in troubles for the country time to collect all the stolen during the "official reprisals" and left from defeated Germany treasures in one location. Keepers of invaluable collection become a young Scout Terekhov and freed from prison collector Avdeyev.